We become what we think, so we might as well THINK BIG!

What separates the 1% of BIG THINKERS that drive the world forward?

What are your top 3 dreams right now?

The greatest days of your life ahead. BELIEVE IT!

What does it take to really live the life you want? 

What separates the ordinary from EXTRAORDINARY isn’t your talent, isn’t your good fortune, isn’t your family upbringing or the cards your were dealt… 

The secret is thinking BIG.

90% of your success comes from ability to think big.

The Think Big Kit takes the guess work out in living your life at a 10!

Big thinking is the starting point of all your dreams.

The best-selling book you promised you would write.

The business you’re going to start.

The charity you want to start up.

You know what your biggest dreams are ….


But do you know what’s stopped you until now?

What dreams have you put on the shelf
and promised yourself you’d get back to…
but never did?




In short this 2-week program is designed to have you:


connect to your vision of what you want in your life


create awareness on where you’ve stopped short and why


rewiring your brain to see opportunity in areas you never saw before


have your heart be your guide, but your mind be your compass


taking committed action in alignment with what you want


working through adversity by connecting to your ‘why’


developing short, medium & long term goals


bust through your self-limiting beliefs and creating new empowering beliefs


creating new success habits that the top 1% are using in their lives

With clarity comes power. Your definition of success will be at the forefront of your life.

Look … There’s no such thing as overnight success …

But no one said you have to spend a life time trying to become successful.

Think Big Kit is $28.00 and comes with…

Tip of the Iceberg Video


The THINK BIG Workbook


THINK BIG Worksheets on Dreams, Plans, and Goals.

Our proven THINK BIG vision board template with a ‘How to Guide’…


Michelle Jeovanny and Joydev Mitra are relentless in the pursuit of awakening the human potential. 

These two leaders have embarked on a journey of having people, both young and old, self realize their purpose and potential. 

Both certified transformational trainers and success coaches that were compelled to create this product to give tools for people to live the life they truly want.

A life by YOUR design.  

The Think Big Kit will accelerate your learning curve by avoiding the common pitfalls of what we call our blind spots – places in our lives that we can’t even see that prevent you from playing at 100%.

The “addition by subtraction” method of eliminating the things that don’t work in your life… Getting rid of the mediocrity mindset and developing the winning formula mindset.

We can’t do the work for you, but we promise you if you are willing to keep an open mind and put in a committed effort you will have a new tool belt to create a life you love!!

The best advise anyone ever gave us was to invest in your own personal growth. You are the common denominator to all your dreams and aspirations.

The best investment is ALWAYS the one you make in yourself.

Are you ready to bet on yourself? Are you ready to invest in your success?

Don’t overthink it.. Order your THINK BIG KIT NOW!!!

What people are saying about the Think Big Kit:

“For the first time in my life I have clarity on what I really want and more importantly I have the courage to take action.”

Jackie S., High School Principal; Miami, Florida

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